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 Eric Newby

The travel writer, author of A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush and Love and War in the Apennines, revisits the first place he ever went outside England, Port Victoria in Southern Australia, sixty years after he signed on as crew on one of the four-masted, square-rigged sailing ships that still rounded the Horn up until the last war in The Great Grain Race.


Filming Eric Newby on Lake Gairdner, South Australia


Nicaragua: Poets as Politicians

  • Gold Medal ­ New York Film Festival

This film was made while the Sandanista government of Nicaragua was struggling against the heavily­armed incursions of the CIA backed Contras. It looks at a government that was almost entirely made up of distinguished writers, such as Tomas Borge, Ernesto Cardinal, and the Vice President, Sergio Ramirez.


 The Volcano, the ruined city and the lake Managua 1988

  The Volcano, the ruined city and the lake

Managua 1988

Nancy Banks-Smith: The Guardian:

Nicaragua is run by poets and creative writes . If you aren't a poet, people kick sand in your face in the Nicaraguan cabinet. As Tony Knox's rather beautiful South Bank Show demonstrated, they are a colourful bunch . . . .

John J. O'Connor: The New York Times: :

The independent documentary is showing tentative but heartening signs of renewed life on television these days. "Nicaragua: Writing and Politics," part of a series culled from the British-made "South Bank Show" is significant on that score.

Maire Mannik: Adelaide Review: :

A beautifully composed programme - it picks up the swaying, sensual feeling of Latin American poetry and echoes it in visual images. Children play among the arches of a ruined cathedral open to the sky.

Ian Rankin

The best-selling crime writer, author of the "Inspector Rebus" books, goes on a voyage of exploration around the hidden corners of his native city of Edinburgh.

Tom Sharpe

The author of "Wilt" and "Porterhouse Blue" reveals how his father sent him off to boarding school with a copy of "Mein Kampf".

John Banville

Author of "The Newton Letter", "Birchwood" and "The Book of Evidence", and probably the finest living prose stylist writing in English

Seamus Heaney

The Irish poet in his landscape, filmed before he won the Nobel Prize.

Derek Walcott

On his native island of Saint Lucia. Also filmed before he won the Nobel Prize