1992 The World of Jeff Koons 

James Rampton: The Independent, 14th December, 1992
Much better comedy (than a BBC documentary about the making of "Roseanne") was to be found on The South Bank Show, where Jeff Koons furrowed his brow with such sincerity you almost believed his line that only Picasso and Duchamp from this century can stand comparison with him as an artist. Tony Knox's enjoyable film played up to the image of Koons as the King of Kitsch. He described his wife, a former porn star, as "one of the greatest artists in the world". This is the woman who once volunteered to sleep with Sadaam Hussein if he released the hostages.

John Naughton: The Observer: 20th December 1992
The happy couple were interviewed together at the beginning of Tony Knox's compulsively watchable film. "Ilona," said the artist, "what type of life do we live? We lead the life of the rococo." "Aaah!" breathed his statuesque consort, "wee leeve a life a rococo."