Films about Ideas


Two Thousand Years:

Two films for ITV's millennium history of Christianity.

Programme Six: A Voice in the West

  • Sandford St. Martin Trust Award for Religious Broadcasting

The mysterious journey of monasticism from the Egyptian desert to Ireland, where monks gathered in their own versions of desert caves such as the rocky island of Skellig Michael; how Irish missionaries spread monasticism throughout Europe.

Programme Fifteen: Man: the measure of all things

Set in Florence, where the new humanism culminated in Savonarola's bonfire of the vanities.



The island of Skellig Michael, nine miles off the south-west coast of Ireland. Irish monks sailed here in the sixth century, climbed up the rocky slope, and built a monastery.

Ian Rankin's Evil Thoughts A three-part series for Channel Four

"Other people go to work and deal with money, or food, or administration. I go to work and think of malice and crime and evil." The crime novelist Ian Rankin goes on a journey in search of the ideas behind the notion of the word "evil". What do we mean when we use the word? How does it function in the modern world?

Martin Hoyle: Financial Times
Intriguing and entertaining even though it does strike a blow for disturbing subjects thoughtfully treated..... Absorbing and thought-provoking - rare on a Saturday night.

Sunday Times
"An absorbing three-part investigation ­ and the quest is no arcane academic exercise...".

Time Out
"Fascinating ...Intelligent and compassionate television."

"The depth and range of Rankin's curiosity were impressive; a very good programme...".