Lenny Henry Hunts the Funk (1992)

The comedian goes to Harlem and Prince's Paisely Park, in search of the heroes of Funk music. Featuring James Brown, Bootsie Collins, George Clinton, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Peewee Ellis etc.

Lewis Jones: Daily Telegraph 13/1/92

By far the sexiest programme on television this weekend was The South Bank Show, which was given over by Melvyn Bragg to the brilliant comedian Lenny Henry. By clever cutting and interdubbing he was able to jive out of the chorus line in some old black-and-white footage of a James Brown concert at Harlem's Apollo Theatre: "Hey, you wan get funky?".

Bruce Dessau: Time Out

'Lenny Henry Hunts the Funk' is more like 'Arena' than 'The South Bank Show' , going for the offbeat approach rather than the usual po-faced appreciation.

Kevin Jackson, Independent, 13/1/92

Tony Knox's film was fast, funny and, yes, funky to boot. Though it must have been tempting to allow Henry to rap and clown his way around the topic unassisted, the film also boasted a barrage of technical gimmicks (including Henry popping up in period footage Zelig-style) and formal conceits (Henry interrupting Bragg's routine intro, and funked-up version of the familiar credits). . . . It must have left more than one viewer terminally splanked. A treat..