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Shylock: Dustin Hoffman and Sir Peter Hall in Rehearsal

  • Gold Medal New York Film Festival
  • BAFTA Nomination

When Dustin Hoffman agreed to play the part of Shylock in Sir Peter Hall's London stage production of The Merchant of Venice, Tony Knox was allowed to film the rehearsals. An intimate insight into a great actor and a great director working together.

Piers Morgan, Page Three, The Sun


Hoffman's TV shocker
Actor Dustin Hoffman sparked a storm yesterday with a four-letter outburst on TV. . . .



Dustin Hofman working with Tony Knox during filming

Saul Zaentz

The ex-gambler and chicken farmer who began making films at the age of 53 and went on to produce One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus and The English Patient.

Nicola Barker: Observer:
Honest, revealing, and beautifully filmed.

The Michael Collins Story

Made during the making of Neill Jordan's movie, this film looks at the historical facts behind the Irish revolutionary leader.

Adam Sweeting: Guardian: Monday,.
. . . trod with feline stealth around the heavily-mined perimeter of sectarian politics and national sensibilities. . . . The programme was a cunning mix of The Making of Michael Collins, describing how Dubliners in twenties costumes volunteered as unpaid extras, The Neil Jordan Story ... and Michael Collins - The Accountant As Terrorist (Collins excelled at both assassination and double entry book-keeping).

Brian Case: Time Out:

Jonathan Miller

The great Opera director beginning rehearsals for his Covent Garden production of Cosi fan tutti.

John Naughton
A riveting discussion about the interpretation of dramatic texts. I wish this programme had gone out when I was a baffled schoolboy, required to make sense of a bewildering text.

 August Wilson

A film about the American dramatist filmed in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, where he grew up and where many of his plays are set.



Filming in the Crawford Grill, in the Hill District of Pittsburgh