Tony Knox: Biography

  Tony Knox was born in Belfast, in the north of Ireland. He was educated at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, then won a scholarship to Wadham College, Oxford, where he read English.

After a several years travelling in Europe and the Middle East, he went back to Belfast, then at the height of the 'troubles', and joined the BBC as a radio producer.

He began working in Current Affairs, but later moved to the Arts Department where he made Radio Features for Radios 1, 3 and 4.


  In 1982 he was asked to join Melvyn Bragg's team at the South Bank Show, where he began as a researcher, initiating a new book programme, 'Book Four', which went out on the first night of the new network, Channel Four.

He soon moved to the South Bank Show itself, where he worked on films about artists such as David Hare, David Hockney, David Lean, and Ian McKellen.

He was Ken Loach's assistant during the making of his documentary Which Side Are You On? about the miners strike (banned from ITV), and was the researcher for the celebrated interview between Melvyn Bragg and Francis Bacon during the course of which both men had quite a lot to drink.

After studying at the National Film and Television School he came back to the South Bank Show as a producer/director. He made many award-winning films inside the department before going freelance.

Since then he has continued to make films and series for ITV, Channel Four and the BBC.

He has worked on two major drama films about Margaret Thatcher for the BBC, and worked on several documentaries in Afghanistan, including shooting the Afghan sequences for Rory Stewart's BBC series about T.E. Lawrance.

Tony Knox speaks fluent French and Italian, some Spanish and German, and can get by in a number of other languages. He has been studying Arabic at King's College, London for the past two years, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.



"Fredda bringing Ann and me a Cup of Tea"

David Hockney, 1983

Hockney included the film crew in this joiner photo-montage. Tony Knox can be spotted lurking at the top right hand side. (Click the picture to enlarge)